Canadian women are not immune from violent behaviour. Some have done the unthinkable and murdered their spouses, their lovers, their children or complete strangers. They come from across Canada and across social backgrounds, and many of their cases have changed the Canadian criminal justice system: * Teresa Senner murdered her lover in a fit of jealous rage when he refused to leave his common-law wife or his three other girlfriends * After killing an undercover officer, Mary Taylor and Elaine Cece were jailed together, inciting a controversy over why the couple was allowed to stay together in prison * In 1999, Deanna Emard killed her husband after a history of abusing him * Danielle Blais, who loved her autistic son, drowned him in the bathtub and then tried to take her own life * While awaiting appeal on an extradition to face trial for the murder of an ex-boyfriend, Dr. Shirley Turner leapt to her death holding her baby * Canada’s most famous female killer, Karla Homolka, assisted her husband in the rape and murder of her younger sister and two other teenage girls * Known as the ”Torso Murderer,” Evelyn Dick killed her husband and threw his dismembered body into a ravine * And more.