New York State’s rich and colorful history has given rise to a wealth of blood-curdling, spine-tingling tales of the supernatural. Spanning the entire length and breadth of the Empire State, this carefully researched collection of fright-filled folklore explores the unexplained phenomena, colorful spirits and haunted history that make up New York’s paranormal legacy:

· Popper, a grumpy poltergeist with a tendency to pop open lids, causes a media frenzy on Long Island horses refuse to cross a bridge in the Genessee Valley–where a peddler was killed long ago

· Henrietta, a saucy widow with a penchant for the drink, haunts a hard-to-find speakeasy in New York City on moonlit nights

· a ghost soldier wanders Fort Niagara in search of his missing head slaughtered during the Revolutionary War

· Loyalist Jane McCrea returns to haunt her former home in Fort Edward

· a ghost pig, capable of splitting itself in two, chases away visitors to Fishkill

· in Nyack, a couple wins an unusual lawsuit, making it illegal to knowingly sell a haunted house in New York State

· Martha Mesereau, one of Staten Island’s most famous spirits, waits patiently for her husband’s return from the Civil War

· vehicles and hitchhikers disappear without a trace along Devil’s Elbow, an ominous stretch of road in the Catskills