Obsessed with beauty and death, gothic stories are known for their dark, theatrical blurring of reality and fantasy. In this intriguing collection of Gothic Ghost Stories that both attract yet terrify us, A.S. Mott weaves a spell of the irrational, the scary and the beautiful: * A man seeks to help a lovely girl he once knew, and finds greater pain than he ever imagined * A man on the fast but morally dubious track to success discovers what it is like to be on the receiving end of a co-worker’s wrath * A beautiful young woman takes action when her prince can’t decide ”to be or not to be,” with stunning consequences * A handsome extra in a vampire flick befriends a woman on the set–and reveals her as a whole new person * A psychiatrist learns empathy can be dangerous when the army base where he provides counselling at is haunted by a Southern belle * A desperate young man cries silently for help, and is answered by an extraordinary goth girl. * Ghosts and elements of magical realism are woven through these narratives of revenge, hatred, desperation and love.