The Volunteer State is a rich source of supernatural lore. Inspired by true stories and folklore — both new and old — found in Tennessee, author A.S. Mott weaves a series of tales that will put a chill down your spine and curdle your blood: * A young woman making her first pilgrimage to Graceland learns that the King really is dead after all. * A wounded British soldier who fell in love with the Cherokee woman who nursed him back to health returns from the grave to avenge her unjust death. * A teenage girl discovers why her coworkers seem so skittish when she takes a graveyard shift at the local shopping center. * Two lovers out on a secret rendezvous have a terrifying encounter with a faceless creature. * The ghost of a little girl leads several people to a mysterious glass jar buried in the ground. * From Chattanooga to Memphis, and from Nashville to Kingsport, murder and tragedy are woven together with mystery and misfortune in this chilling collection of tales of the paranormal.