It’s hard to believe that a century has passed since the outbreak of the First World War. The tragic, bloody conflict cut short the lives of millions of young men—and not all of them rest easy. And it wasn’t just the soldiers who suffered. Civilian casualties numbered in the millions as well, and the loved ones left at home while their men went off to fight suffered years of worry and heartbreak, sometimes unable to get over their loss. From the battlefields of northern France to the waters of the Atlantic to the Canadian homefront, the ghosts of World War I have been waiting to have their stories told:
• the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the spark that ignited the war, and echoes of that event haunt the street where it happened to this day
• a cursed U-boat glides through the North Atlantic with its spectral crew
• the ghost of a little girl killed by a bomb dropped on her London home keeps the current residents company
• the line between life and death blurred in the terrifying expanse of No Man’s Land
• a woman refuses to give up hope that her husband will return to her—and continues her vigil from beyond the grave
…and more.