This book pays tribute to just a few of the many people whose contributions to Canada are unique. From environmentalists to politicians, from sports figures to writers, these men and women undeniably exemplify what it means to be Canadian:
• Tommy Douglas, founder of Medicare
• Nellie McLung and Emily Murphy, two of the Famous Five who lobbied to have women declared persons
• David Suzuki, world famous environmentalist
• Pierre Elliott Trudeau, one of Canada’s most brilliant and flamboyant prime ministers
• Marshal McLuhan, writer and philosopher who said the medium is the message
• Lester B. Pearson, the father of modern peacekeeping
• Terry Fox, who brought the battle against cancer to the forefront with his Marathon of Hope
• Louis Riel, who fought for the rights of his Métis people during the Red River Resistance and the North-West Rebellion
• Margaret Atwood, brilliant, internationally acclaimed author and poet…and more.