Gord Keeler was like thousands of other boys who played and loved hockey. Growing up in Eyebrow, Saskatchewan, hockey was the passionate game of choice during the long winters. From the boys on open-air ice surfaces and village rinks came the stars of the National Hockey League. But the journey to professional hockey could be long, hard and lonely. Very few ever made it all the way. Gord Keeler did make it – against the odds. His love for hockey, his talent and dedication, his family, coaches and a few lucky breaks, all contributed to his rise to the heights of stardom. He also faced obstacles, challenges and set-backs along the way. Disappointment, heartbreak and a tragic twist of fate would play out their roles before Gord Keeler arrived at the true meaning of Success and Life. Like the game of hockey, Life also demands its own sacrifices in order to reap the rewards.