If you think you have what it takes to answer these and hundreds more questions about the facts, stats, stories and odd tidbits about hockey, then you will enjoy every page of this collection of quizzes: * Which goaltender holds the record for lowest goals-against-average? * Who signed the longest contract in professional hockey history? * Which player won 11 Stanley Cups in his career? * Who is known as ”the Hammer”? * Why does Sidney Crosby wear the number 87 on his jersey? * Who was the only player ever to be named all three stars at the end of the game? * Which team has gone the longest without winning a Stanley Cup since the New York Rangers broke their 54-year Cup drought in 1994? * Who holds the record for most goals by a defensemen in one playoff season? * Who is the only retired NHL scoring champ not inducted into the Hall of Fame? * What notable job did Clarence Campbell have before becoming president of the NHL? * Answer these and many more challenging questions in the Hockey Quiz Book!