For those who grew up around hockey, it’s easy to understand a sentence like, He let loose a howitzer from the hash marks, roofing the puck past the stunned netminder. But for those who have no idea what that means, How to Speak Hockey provides a unique look into Canada’s unofficial third language. Even lifelong lovers of the game might just learn a thing or two:

– Many hockey fans know about the five hole, but few know that there are seven holes in total

– Before the humble rubber puck, people used strange round balls called road apples

– Learn the strange and unique origins of common phrases including stood on his head and hat trick

– Find out exactly what is meant when a player dipsy doodles through traffic and breaks the ice

– In hockey, sometimes a hot dog is not just something you get at the concession stand

– Fighting has always been a part of hockey, so it’s not surprising that there are so many words to describe it, from a word as innocent as dance to the biggest fight in hockey the bench-clearing brawl.

For all those wannabe hockeyists or lifelong rink rats out there, game on!