Some were taking a stroll through their neighbourhoods on a warm summer evening. Others were at home, tackling a few household chores. Still others were on their way to work, but the people in this book have one thing in common…they all vanished, without a trace:

– Demolition crews discover a body buried beneath the cement floor of a Toronto business

– Nicole Hoar, planning a surprise visit to her sister in Smithers, disappeared hitchhiking along BC’s infamous Highway of Tears

– Sex trade workers were disappearing from Vancouver’s downtown Eastside for 20 years before law enforcement really began to look into the matter

– After tucking her brother into bed and bidding her beau good night, Mabel Crumback put hair in curlers before bed and was never seen again

– The families of Ontario’s Lost Boys still wonder what became of them and the boat after the six borrowed a boat to cruise Lake Ontario in the dead of night

– Jessie Foster’s family uncovers hints of human trafficking when the young woman vanished after moving to Las Vegas from Kamloops to join her new boyfriend

– No problem paddling the Amazon, but 25-year-old Alicia Ross disappeared from the backyard of her Toronto home in 2005

– Psychology student Natel King financed her education with a job in the adult entertainment industry but one day didn’t return from a photo-shoot in 2004

– Following the Celebrate in ’88 reunion, Lois Hanna made a cup of tea and slipped into her favourite PJs, but the next day her co-workers found her television on, her tea on the kitchen counter but no Lois

– Despite national and international publicity no one has stepped forward to claim a young man dubbed Mr. Nobody after a brutal beating lands him in a Toronto hospital

– Was she abducted? Or did she stage her own disappearance? The case of alderman Dar Heatherington during a business trip south of the border propelled the small city of Lethbridge into the media spotlight—and not in a good way.

And more…