The mountain men of North American history were a breed apart, largely living in isolation in the wildest places of the frontier. Tony Hollihan has written an entertaining series of accounts about some of the most colorful of these high-country heroes. Among them:
· Davey Crockett. This frontiersman was also a fine storyteller and a man happy to share a horn of whiskey. His larger-than-life exploits endeared him to Americans, who eventually elected him to the U.S. Congress.
· James Bridger. A renowned guide who discovered the Great Salt Lake and was instrumental in surveying wagon routes to the West.
· Kit Carson. A trapper and Indian fighter whose bravery and luck became the subject of penny novels.
· Daniel Boone. This frontiersman led land-hungry settlers into Kentucky and fierce warfare with the Shawnee. Boone himself was captured and tortured, although he survived the ordeal.