Writer Dawn Sutherland gathers together ghost stories from across the country in this eerie compendium of stories about spirits that stay on this earthly plane after death. They may have unfinished business linked to a grisly or shocking murder—one they’ve committed, or their own!
• Fur trappers and prospectors would rather brave the snow and freezing temperatures of a Yukon winter night than take shelter in La Salle’s cabin, where they may come face to face with the murdered man’s malevolent spirit.
• James King’s six-year-old daughter knew her fur trader daddy wasn’t coming home long before his body was found outside of what is now Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, when he visited her bedside to say goodbye
• The legend of the decapitated nun is so familiar in New Brunswick that folks walking along the Miramichi River still glance around to see if they can find her head
• Every seven years on Halloween since Mary Gallagher was decapitated with an axe, her ghost has wandered the corner of William and Murray streets in downtown Montreal
• The ghosts of two brothers gone bad still haunt the alleyways of Fredericton, New Brunswick, long after they were hanged in 1949 for the brutal murder of a cab driver
• When Charles Blessing wandered into Wellington Delaney Moses’ Barkerville, BC, barbershop only to disappear before his very eyes, Moses knew something bad had happened to his friend.