Crimes never solved, eerie sightings never explained and paranormal events that stretch the limits of the mind–these mysteries continue to baffle British Columbians to this day: * Ogopogo has its roots in Native mythology, and numerous sightings dating back to the 1870s have only fuelled the legend. Could a monster really dwell in Okanagan Lake? * Lindsay Buziak, a young real estate agent from Victoria, was brutally murdered in 2008 after being lured to a home by two people posing as potential clients. Will her killers ever be brought to justice? * In 1991, four-year-old Michael Dunahee was playing only metres away from his parents when he vanished without a trace in Victoria. Even with new leads, will we ever know what happened to him? * Camels in BC? The stuff of legends, especially to Tanas Johnny, who thought he had seen the devil and died of fright. * Dozens of unexplained sightings in recent years have occurred in the Houston-Smithers-Terrace region, creating a BC UFO Triangle. Why is the area the UFO capital of Canada? * Charismatic Doukhobor leader Peter Verigin was killed in a massive train explosion between Castlegar and Grand Forks in 1924. Was his death a tragic accident or a sinister murder plot?