Notorious Ontario is a rogue’s gallery of killers and robbers, exploring the lives and misdeeds of criminals many of whom have been all but forgotten…until now! From the wild shores of Lake Superior and the woods of Muskoka, to the depths of depression-era Toronto and the bucolic beauty of Niagara, Canada has had its share of villains, and many committed their crimes in Ontario:
– For weeks in 1914, Muskoka was beset by fear and violence as Muskoka farmer turned outlaw William “Black Bill” Ruttan spread a reign of terror through the region, initiating a massive manhunt for a vengeful father with a vendetta against his neighbours
– On the wild and remote shores of Lake Superior the long arm of the law struggled to reach four brothers – Joseph, Mohawk, Louis and Antoine Moses – who terrorized nearby communities, raping, stealing and murdering as they pleased for more than a decade