Known for her series of true ghost stories, Barbara Smith is back, this time with a collection of delightfully eerie tales set in real Ontario locations. So light up the fire and prepare to be spooked: * The spirit of a Sarnia woman murdered by her husband gets her revenge before resting in peace in her watery grave * Two brothers guiding a Halloween ghost walk through the streets of downtown Toronto find themselves joined by a very angry ghost * A young couple househunting near Trenton is scared away by the ghosts of a family who never left their home * The long-dead original owner of a pub in Thunder Bay makes sure that he’s never forgotten * A student on spring break in Niagara Falls has the experience of a lifetime — a past lifetime * An unscrupulous salesman gets what he deserves when he foolishly, greedily, decides to exorcise the spirits from two of Ottawa’s most haunted homes * And more.