Shrouded in mystery, unidentified flying objects have been reported in every corner of Canada. Surprisingly, some of these seemingly far-fetched stories may be based in fact, while others will never be explained:
– Residents of Harbour Mille on the island of Newfoundland spent a cold January night in 2010 trying to photograph grey, missile-shaped objects flying overhead.
– Crop circles near St. Francis Xavier, Manitoba, made for a great front-page photo in the Winnipeg Sun in 1990, the day after summer residents of White Lake noticed a circular object with blinking red lights hovering over the water.
– The ”Shag Harbour Incident” remains a mystery, although residents are convinced that the dark craft with four white lights that they witnessed crashing into the water in October 1967, was definitely a UFO.
– Evidence now reveals that the Soviets designed and built a UFO-like craft that was used to perform reconnaissance flights over Canada and the U.S. during the Cold War.
– After a strange encounter with two flying saucers near Falcon Lake, Manitoba, in May 1967, amateur geologist and prospector Stefan Michalak was left with a headache, nausea and grid-like burns on his chest.
– And so many more tales of the unexplained…