From quirky superstitions and strange catches to fish with faces only a mother could love, the myth, mystery and allure of fishing remains etched firmly in our consciousness: * In 2004, an antique fishing lure brought in an incredible $101,200 at Lang’s Auction House * In February 2009, over 100 ice-fishermen on Lake Erie were airlifted to safety, and one angler died after they were stranded on an ice floe * The bowfin dates back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the land; it still boasts a bony exterior reminiscent of Tyrannosaurus rex * In Tennessee it is illegal to catch fish with a lasso * While fishing in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Texas a group of men had the surprise of their lives when one hauled aboard a rare species of conger eel that proceeded to thrash around their craft and attack them until they were able to subdue it.