This book explores Washington’s truly peculiar and odd places—natural and supernatural phenomena, bizarre roadside attractions and places whose stories must be experienced to be believed:
• A full-scale replica of England’s Stonehenge on a hill overlooking Maryville was built to commemorate soldiers killed in World War I
• Seattle’s famed Ye Olde Curiosity Shop boasts shrunken heads from Ecuador, a two-headed calf and a mermaid
• In Skamania County, it is a crime to shoot or slay Bigfoot, and in Metropolitan King County, Sasquatch is a protected species
• The town of Conconully, population 200, hosts the Testicle Festival and Cowboy Caviar Fete contest in homage to the prairie cowboy delicacy of bull testicles
• A self-kicking machine at Rockport Country Store gives curious visitors a kick in the pants—an unlikely way to attract customers
• A 10-foot lizard holding a cross decorates the church of God-Zillah in Zillah, WA, that adopted Godzilla as its mascot and says, “We got him saved.”
• During the Omak Stampede and World Famous Suicide Race, Native American riders from the nearby reservation, race their horses down a nearly vertical 210-foot slope and through the icy Okanogan River. And so much more…