Canada has its own fascinating history of cloak-and-dagger, as you’ll discover in this entertaining book by bestselling author and journalist Peter Boer.
Canada’s most famous spy was William Stephenson, the man called Intrepid. The Winnipeg-born businessman supplied the British with important information on the growing German war machine in the 1930s and went on to head the office of British Security Coordination.
It was Stephenson who created a top-secret spy school on the shores of Lake Ontario known only as Camp X. Agents came from all over the western world to be trained in the latest techniques and technologies of the spymasters.

This book includes a multitude of fascinating tales of espionage:
– Igor Gouzenko was a Russian diplomat who defected to the West with a bundle of classified Soviet documents

o Codenamed Long Knife
– RCMP officer James Morrison was a man whose love of the good life motivated him to betray his country and the identity of one of the Security Service’s most important double agents.
– Werner Alfred Waldemar von Janowski was a German agent dropped off on Canada’s Gaspé peninsula by a U-boat during World War II with a mission of identifying targets for attack. Unfortunately for Janowski, he was captured on his first day in the country and soon found himself caught in the ultimate spy game–playing a double agent.
– John Watkins was Canada’s ambassador to the Soviet Union at the height of Cold War hostilities. Watkins also was a homosexual, a fact the KGB tried to use to blackmail him.
– Hugh Hambleton was born of an influential family in Ottawa’s diplomatic community and worked as an interrogator and intelligence officer for the Allies in World War Two. However, Hugo found his post-war career as an economics student failed to provide him with the attention and excitement he craved. He found what he was looking for as a spy for the Soviet Union

o Today Canada has its own ultra-secret anti-terrorist squad known as Joint Task Force Two. This new and elite commando unit has cut its teeth with anti-sniping operations in Bosnia, providing military escorts for Canadian dignitaries abroad, and taking part in special forces operations in Afghanistan.